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Reflector 002 Connections
REF002 A: 1 nodes
REF002 B: 0 nodes
REF002 C: 1 nodes

KD0CGR Connections
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VHF Linked To: Not Linked

W0MAO Connections
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VHF Linked To: Not Linked

KD0PBV Connections
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WA0COL Connections
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KD0TLM Connections
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Detailed Connection Page

Welcome to the Nebraska D-Star Club webpage. 

About Us

The Nebraska D-Star club was formed to help facilitate the use of D-Star technology for backup and emergency communications across Nebraska.   With the help of Nebraska Emergency Management and countless volunteers, our goal is to build a state-wide link with D-Star technology.

We currently have five nodes participating in the Nebraska state-wide link: Omaha, Lincoln, and Grand Island, Kearney, Columbus, and Falls City.

Repeater Information

In Lincoln, the W0MAO repeater operates at both 145.250(-) (C) and 442.150(+) (B).
In Omaha, the KD0CGR repeater operates at both 145.175(-) (C) and 442.125(+) (B).
In Grand Island, the KD0PBV repeater operates at 146.655(-) (C).
In Kearney, the KD0PBW repeater operates at 147.030(+) (C).
In Columbus, the WA0COL repeater operates at 146.955(-) (C) and 447.175(+) (B).
In Falls City, the KD0TLM repeater operates at 147.315(+) (C).

Repeater(s) scheduled for installation in the near future: Crete.

The VHF repeaters listed above are now linked to Reflector 002 (C) in Lincoln. Reflector 002 (C) will be used for the Nebraska Perma-link.

Latest Forum Posts


KD0CGR – Router Internet Problems Persist

Due to circumstances outside of my control, the router and/or internet service for the KD0CGR repeater in Omaha are not working properly. Traffic appears to make it to the reflector. However, web-linking will not be possible until the router/internet problems are resolved. If you need immediate assistance, contact the Omaha Digital Repeater Group (John Gebuhr or Greg Babbit).

RF-Linking is not possible on the Nebraska Perma-Link system.

-Myron (NG0M)


Welcome, KD0PBW

On Monday, January 30th, 2014 – a new D-Star repeater was born in Kearney, Nebraska. KD0PBW is owned and operated by Nebraska Emergency Management Agency. The repeater is located near the jail facilities in Kearney.

The repeater operates on a frequency of 147.030 (+ Port C) MHz, with a positive offset of 600 khz. Unless otherwise necessary, the repeater will be connected to the State-Wide-Link (Reflector 2, Port C).

This repeater was made possible by the work of Bob Eastwood at NEMA, Sheriff Miller at Buffalo County, Lt. Tubbs at Buffalo County, and many others.

73 for now,
Myron (NG0M)


Welcome, KD0TLM

On Friday, March 22nd of 2013 – a new D-Star repeater was born in Falls City, Nebraska. KD0TLM is owned and operated by the Richardson County Radio Club. The repeater is located near the Court House, and currently around 50-60 feet above ground level.

The repeater operates on a frequency of 147.315 (+ Port C) MHz, with a positive offset of 600 khz. Unless otherwise necessary, the repeater will be connected to the State-Wide-Link (Reflector 2, Port C).

This repeater was made possible by the work of Jim Gerwick at RCEMA, John Cutler at SEMRS, Nebraska Emergency Management, and many others.

73 for now,
Myron (NG0M)


All Systems are a “Go”

It’s been a rough winter for D-Star here in Nebraska, but I’m happy to say – everything is once again fully functional.

Omaha (KD0CGR) was plagued with router and computer failures, and Lincoln (W0MAO) was plagued by unintentional sabotage by other State employees.

Both systems have been returned to operational status – and – we’ll hopefully be bringing Falls City (KD0TLM) online Friday 3/22/13.

That’s all for now.

73 de NG0M


Welcome, WAØCOL

On November 11th, 2012 a new D-Star repeater was born in Nebraska.  The WAØCOL repeater was installed near Columbus.  The repeater is operating on a frequencies 146.955(-) (C) and 447.175(+) (B).

The Nebraska Permalink will be facilitated through Reflector 002, Port “C”.  Though port C is used for the Nebraska Permalink, ports A, B, D, & E remain open for normal, amateur use.

73 for now,

Myron (NGØM)
Nebraska D-Star Club (V.P.)


KD0CGR Web-Linking Now Online!

Good morning.  I have finished the web-linking functions for the KD0CGR UHF repeater.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind if you plan on using the web-linking feature.

  1. You have to log in to the website (accounts are, and always will be, free to create).
    a) You can get there by clicking on the menu button, or the “D-Star” link in the top left of your screen (once you log-in).
  2. You should get on the UHF repeater prior to linking and ask if anyone is using the node.  If you don’t, the linking program may not let you link the repeater.
  3. The UR Call field is just like our radios.  If I wanted to link to Reflector 3, Port A, I would type in REF003AL
    a) the “L” at the end is important, because it tells the system to link to Reflector 3, Port A
    b) The linking process takes 1-3 minutes to complete, usually closer to 1 minute.
  4. To Unlink when you’re finished, just put ”       U” in the URCall field (on the linking page without the quotes) and click the “Link It Up” button.
  5. The linking feature on the website is open to all hams (that are registered users of the website)

Have fun and enjoy!

73 de NGØM


DPRS on the Nebraska Perma-Link System

By the request of NEMA and the Omaha Digital Communications Group (Repeater Owners), and by a unanimous vote of the Nebraska D-Star Club Board of Directors – Please DO NOT beacon DPRS on the Nebraska Permalink repeaters.  We are not banning DPRS, just the automated beacons.  GPS-Enabled D-Star transceivers can still be configured to relay DPRS data with the use of your PTT button.
There is a technical reason for this request too.  Icom’s D-Star transceivers can wait for the frequency to clear before they send the automated beacons.  However, if it were to occur at the same time as another station, the collision could prevent the other station’s data from being passed through the repeater and/or gateway – never reaching the other Perma-Link nodes.  Our other concern is that as usage proliferates across the state, we don’t want to be in a position where many radios are sending out automated beacons, thereby preventing the voice traffic this system was built for.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this request,
Myron (NGØM) N.D.C. Vice President


KD0CGR/R Has Moved!

After many long hours of planning and negotiations the Omaha D-Star repeater, KDØCGR, has moved to it’s new home.  Through the efforts of the Omaha Digital Communications Group, Nebraska Emergency Management, and the Nebraska D-Star Club the KDØCGR repeater now rests some 500′ above Downtown Omaha.

There are a few kinks to work out, but both the 145.175 and 442.125 digital repeaters are functional.  The internet-linking also appears to be working, as KDØCGR re-joined WØMAO and KDØPBV on ReflectorØØ2 (Port C) late last night.

Here are a few pictures from the installation yesterday.


The Installation Gang
Left To Right: Myron (NG0M), Corby (K0SKW), Bob (W0RJE), John (WB0CMC)

Antenna Adjustments

John (WBØCMC) Makes Some Final Antenna Adjustments

Hard at Work

John and Corby in action.

KDØCGR's New Home



The website is officially open!

We have officially opened the website up for registrations.

The Web-Linking Feature for WØMAO, Port B (440 DV) is now available to registered users.

Registration is only needed if you plan to use the web-linking feature and/or wish to participate in the D-Star Discussion Forums.

To register, please click on this link.  When you chose your username, please use the following pattern: name_callsign (myron_ng0m).



Coming Soon: Web-Linking

As promised, the Nebraska D-Star club is bringing some new and exciting things.  One of the projects we’ve been working on is a

A glimpse of what is to come

A glimpse of what is to come

web-interface for linking and un-linking the repeater modules.  With the creation of the Nebraska Permalink, only our 440 D-Star repeater (W0MAO  B) [DV] will be the only participating node for the web-linking.  The VHF (W0MAO  C) [DV] repeater is now

permanently connected to  REF002C [DV] for the Nebraska Permalink.  We currently have three repeaters on the state-wide link, Omaha-KD0CGR, Lincoln-W0MAO, and Grand Island-KD0PBV.

The linking will require users to log-in, as we do not want the entire world to be able to control the link.  Once the site is ready for users, we will open up the registration process and everyone will be able to participate in the D-Star forums and use the Web-Linking Module.

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