KD0CGR/R Has Moved!

After many long hours of planning and negotiations the Omaha D-Star repeater, KDØCGR, has moved to it’s new home.  Through the efforts of the Omaha Digital Communications Group, Nebraska Emergency Management, and the Nebraska D-Star Club the KDØCGR repeater now rests some 500′ above Downtown Omaha.

There are a few kinks to work out, but both the 145.175 and 442.125 digital repeaters are functional.  The internet-linking also appears to be working, as KDØCGR re-joined WØMAO and KDØPBV on ReflectorØØ2 (Port C) late last night.

Here are a few pictures from the installation yesterday.


The Installation Gang
Left To Right: Myron (NG0M), Corby (K0SKW), Bob (W0RJE), John (WB0CMC)

Antenna Adjustments

John (WBØCMC) Makes Some Final Antenna Adjustments

Hard at Work

John and Corby in action.

KDØCGR's New Home


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