DPRS on the Nebraska Perma-Link System

By the request of NEMA and the Omaha Digital Communications Group (Repeater Owners), and by a unanimous vote of the Nebraska D-Star Club Board of Directors – Please DO NOT beacon DPRS on the Nebraska Permalink repeaters.  We are not banning DPRS, just the automated beacons.  GPS-Enabled D-Star transceivers can still be configured to relay DPRS data with the use of your PTT button.
There is a technical reason for this request too.  Icom’s D-Star transceivers can wait for the frequency to clear before they send the automated beacons.  However, if it were to occur at the same time as another station, the collision could prevent the other station’s data from being passed through the repeater and/or gateway – never reaching the other Perma-Link nodes.  Our other concern is that as usage proliferates across the state, we don’t want to be in a position where many radios are sending out automated beacons, thereby preventing the voice traffic this system was built for.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this request,
Myron (NGØM) N.D.C. Vice President

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