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KDØPBV Repeater Cluster

On July 23rd, 2011 a new D-Star repeater was born in Nebraska.  The KDØPBV repeater was installed in Western Grand Island.  The repeater is sporting a Henry 100w amplifier and a 18′ antenna some 100+ feet in the air.  The repeater is operating on a frequency of 146.655 MHz (on Port “C” in D-Star Speak).  KDØPBV is registered with the US-Trust servers and has full Internet-linking capabilities.

With the frequency adjustment and a network line on the agenda, Bob Eastwood (WØRJE) and I (NGØM) headed West to flip the proverbial switch.  Sometime around 10:00 AM (Central Time) the KDØPBV repeater made its first VoIP connection to Art (KØAIZ) in Lincoln.  After a few minor kinks were worked out, the KDØPBV repeater joined the WØMAO repeater on the Nebraska Permalink system.

Reflector 002 Status Page

Two nodes join the Nebraska Permalink System

The Nebraska Permalink will be facilitated through Reflector 002, Port “C”.  Though port C is used for the Nebraska Permalink, ports A & B remain open for normal, amateur use.

KDØPBV Antenna

73 for now,

Myron (NGØM)
Nebraska D-Star Club (V.P.)

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